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Loving Summer Living in Weston MA

I have been lucky enough to live in Weston, MA for the past 16 years. Some time ago, I wrote a post about 10 things you might not know about Weston and the advantages to living in the ‘burbs from my viewpoint, which invariably meant a great deal of it was written with Weston in mind. Now as we find ourselves in the midst of the summer season, I thought I might share with you some of my favorite things to do in Weston on these warm, long days and what sets our town apart from some of the other neighboring communities. In essence, these Weston offerings and programs help to differentiate us and make us love summer living here. These are just a few of the great things about our fabulous town (in no particular order):

  • Summer Concerts on the Town Green – Each Wednesday night from 7 – 8:30 p.m., various bands play on the Town Green, and Weston residents and visitors alike bring picnics, blankets, chairs, frisbees and dogs to enjoy the summer night. The concerts appeal to all ages – infants to teenagers to young parents to seniors. Highlights include singing and dancing to the music, bringing picnics with dinner selections or just hors d’oeuvres, eating yummy ice cream (from the ice cream truck), watching a multitude of kids running wildly around the Town Green, socializing with new and old friends and neighbors and so much more. Spearheaded and organized by the Weston Recreation Department and sponsored by the Cambridge Trust Company and Omni Foods (though Omni Foods is no longer in Weston), the concerts generally start at the end of June and run through late July. There are three more concerts left in this 2014 season – July 9 featuring Classic Groove, July 16 featuring Perfect Crime, and July 23 featuring Boogaloo Swamis. Mark your calendars because these evenings are a fantastic way to enjoy our gorgeous summer, New England evenings.
  • Summer Walks - Weston has more than 2,000 acres of conservation land, and the Weston Forest & Trail Association owns “200 acres of conservation land and easements and maintain[s] more than 100 miles of trails.” In addition, we are lucky enough to have two reservoirs (the Weston Reservoir, located off of Ash Street, and the Norumbega Reservoir, located off of Glen Road and Oak Street). These trails and reservoirs are popular spots for residents and visitors to walk their dogs, enjoy for exercise and simply just appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. What a delightful way to spend a beautiful summer morning, afternoon or evening.
  • The Town Pool and Town Camp – The Weston Recreation Department also manages these two great town assets. First, Memorial Pool is located right between Country and Woodland Elementary Schools on Alphabet Lane. With its large shallow end, watering mushroom, diving board and lap lanes, the pool appeals to kids and adults of all ages.  There is also a water park/activity section, massive sand box, picnic tables, snack bar and loads of chairs to place in either the sun or the shade. The pool offers swim classes and clinics, private lessons and swim teams too. There are many special events throughout the summer, including Pool of Gold (July 10), Go Sox Day (July 10), Caribbean Cruise Day (July 19), Friday Night Float (July 25) and Tuesday Family Nights (August 5, 12 and 19). The pool is open to Weston residents, their guests, non-resident badge holders and their guests…. Second, the Town Camp is the best bet in town to entertain your children each day. Running for six weeks from late June through early August, Weston Town Camp starts with “Camp ABC” for children ages 4-5, then progresses to “Camp Adventure” or “Sports, Sports, and More Sports” for kids entering grades 1-4, and culminates with “Outer Limits” for kids entering grades 5-7 and “KWEST” for kids entering grades 8-9. The great news about the camps – except Camp ABC – is that there are always field trips, including journeys to Six Flags, Roller Kingdom, Chunky’s Cinema and Pinz Bowling.
  • Dairy Joy – Conveniently located at 331 North Avenue right on Route 117, Dairy Joy is a fabulous place to take the family for lunch or dinner – or anytime in between. Choose from grilled cheese, hamburgers, french fries, salads, lobster rolls and specialty sandwiches to soft ice cream, frappes and so much more. You can pick-up take out or eat outside on picnic benches allowing your kids the opportunity to run around which they love. Keep in mind that Dairy Joy does not take credit cards. And sometimes the hamburgers, french fries and ice cream can add up to more than you might think, but the overall dining and fun family experience is well worth it. You can find Dairy Joy on Facebook or follow the food favorite on Twitter (@DairyJoy). Enjoy….
  • Land’s Sake Farm – Picking your own and/or buying produce from Weston’s Land’s Sake Farm is an awesome offering and opportunity for those who live locally. Located on Wellesley Street across from the schools and Recreation Center, Land’s Sake is a public farm which offers educational programs, maintains the town forest for recreational and production uses, and cares for both public conservation and private land. It has been “connecting people to the land through Farming, Forestry and Education since 1980.” We are lucky to have this organization in our town.

One important item to note…. The above list highlights my top reasons to love summer living in Weston MA. There are many, many more, including our town’s incredible school system and ease of commuting/proximity to Boston. Those go without saying and are constant no matter what time of the year. But back to the summer…. If you are a current or past Weston resident – or perhaps you’re just a frequent Weston visitor – what are your favorite Weston summer happenings? Are they on the list above, or do you have other fun pastimes? I can’t wait to hear….

For more information on this or about the real estate market in Weston, Wellesley, Wayland and the surrounding towns, please contact me, Lisa Curlett (781-267-2844 or, to answer any questions or for a complimentary home appraisal.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Weston, MA

Are you familiar with US Weekly Magazine’s “25 Things You Don’t Know about Me,” which features celebrities getting personal and sharing some lesser known facts about themselves?  As I was reading last week’s segment on Madeleine Stowe, I thought it would be such a great idea to bring this same concept to Weston, MA….  I’m starting with just 10, and then I’ll continue with more fascinating fun facts over time….

So without further ado, here are 10 Things You Might Not Know About Weston, MA:

1. Weston is celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2013.  According to Wikipedia, “The Town of Weston was originally established as the West Precinct of Watertown in 1698, and the town was separately incorporated as the town of Weston in 1713.”  Planning for the big celebration is just getting underway, and if you’re interested, you can request to be part of the Weston 300 Group on Facebook or email the group at

2. Weston has more than 2,000 acres of conservation land.  The Weston Forest & Trail Association owns 186 acres, and there are approximately 100 miles of trails.  Known for its rural feel, open space, trails, meadows and woods, Weston is conveniently located a mere 12* miles from Boston – it’s the best of both worlds.

3. Weston has two reservoirs: First, the Weston Reservoir, located off of Ash Street, is part of the greater Boston’s water supply and maintained by the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority).  This is a popular spot for residents and visitors to walk their dogs, enjoy for exercise and simply just appreciate the beauty of it.  Second, the Norumbega Reservoir, located off of Glen Road and Oak Street, is a 125 million gallon water storage tank now used to hold water.  This reservoir was opened to the public a few years ago for recreational use.

4. Weston has a government comprised of the following – an Open Town Meeting, Board of Selectmen and Town Manager.  As delineated on the town’s website, “The Town Meeting is the legislative body and must approve all spending, changes in the Town By-laws and Zoning By-laws.  It is conducted by the elected Town Moderator.  Any citizen of Weston who is a registered voter may participate in Town Meeting.”

5. Weston just approved an override for a new Field School, the elementary school housing grades 4 and 5.  The new school is scheduled to open in September 2014.  Weston is also in the midst of constructing a new science wing for its high school, which is expected to open for the 2012-2013 school year.

6. Weston was Ranked #1 Best Public High School by Boston Magazine in 2010 and 2009.

7. Weston has a Recreation Department, which provides wonderful programs, classes and activities for all ages.  Here is the Spring/Summer 2012 Brochure so you can get a glimpse of what Weston Recreation is all about. In addition to the approximately 500 programs offered over the course of the year to more than 7,500 participants, the Recreation Department also manages Memorial Pool and coordinates the Concerts on the Town Green during the summer on Wednesday evenings.  The concerts are a great way for the entire family to have fun together, enjoy the music, dance, picnic and more.

8. Weston is and has been the home to many well-known figures, including David Ortiz, Jerry Remy, Bobby Orr, Jim Pallotta and Steve Pagliuca.

9. Weston is a somewhat dry town.  From 1838 to 2008, Weston was a dry town, but in 2008, the town voted that Omni Foods could sell wine in its supermarket.  The sale of beer and hard liquor are still prohibited, however.

10. Weston was briefly considered, in 1967, as a site for a stadium for the professional football team then known as the Boston Patriots.  As most of us know, the stadium was ultimately built in Foxborough, MA, and today it is known as Gillette Stadium.

These are just some of the fun facts about Weston, MA.  There are many more to come…so stay tuned.  But in the meantime, do you have any special Weston facts that you’d like to share? I can’t wait to hear….

* This mileage distance is per the town’s website found under the “About Weston” section. I have also seen other sources saying the distance between Weston and Boston is 15 miles.