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News and Updates for 1265 Main Street, Waltham MA

For those of you who live in Weston,WellesleyLincolnWayland, Waltham and the neighboring towns, are you as curious as I am about what’s going on with Waltham’s 1265 Main Street – the former Polaroid headquarters comprising approximately 120 acres located between Route 117 and Winter Street on Route 128. And for those of you who don’t necessarily live in those towns but who drive by this site on Route 128 on your commute and various travels, you’re probably wondering what’s going on too?! Since my last report on the development, the building process is progressing and things are shaping up at the site. There seems to have been some recent drama, including “financing delays, the demolition of old buildings, the relocation of power lines,” and the transfer from developer Sam Park & Co. to 1265 Main Group. But it seems that most of the issues have been resolved. Here’s what we know so far about the tenants and delivery for the development, which is still being coined “the intersection of technology and nature with an urban twist” and has been “modeled after the 3M office building in Milan Italy”:

Market Basket – Despite some slowdowns as a result of internal discord, famed supermarket chain, Market Basket, has signed as the lead anchor tenant of the development. While the March project update reports that the delivery of the Market Basket space is slated for spring 2014, another report forecasts a delivery date closer to the end of the year. This is big news and especially exciting to many who live in the area given the recent closing of Weston’s Omni Foods Supermarket, which had been there for the last 25 years.

According to a January 2014 Wicked Local posting, “Other tenants include Jake n Joe’s Sports Grille, Marshalls, TD Bank, Verizon and Starbucks. Special permits for a drive-thru at both TD Bank and Starbucks were approved by the City Council in November [2013].” The March 2014 project update also references that a liquor store may be housed at the development.

Jake n Joe’s Sports GrilleAccording to a November 2012 Wicked Local article, “Jake n Joe’s [will] also be a local business at the Polaroid site as it is owned by the Nocera family and part of the restaurant group that includes The Chateau. Joe Nocera, president and co-owner of The Chateau Restaurants and Jake n Joe’s, said he’s looking forward to growing [his business] at home in Waltham.” The February 2014 project update hints that Jake n Joe’s should be open by Super Bowl 2015.

MarshallsAccording to the February 2014 project update, the clothing giant is aiming toward a store opening in time for back-to-school 2014.

Starbucks – We have confirmation from multiple sources that there will be a Starbucks there, but we’re not sure when its store opening will occur. Another Starbucks location close by is all good in my book.

TD Bank and VerizonThese two retail stores are shown on the site plan, but there isn’t any more information at this time about when they will open their doors.

According to an April 2014 Boston Globe article, “Both 1265 Main officials and Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy agree that before any construction on it can begin, plans will have to be put into place to revamp local roadways around the project and help create an easy and direct link to Route 128.”

Stay tuned for more updates, details and information on the project…. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about this new development? I am personally quite excited to see it, and I think it’s a great use for the land, which has been sitting idle for the last 6’ish years. I do think potential traffic flow/issues need to be planned out in advance, but it sounds like they are already addressing these matters. What are the pros and cons as you see them to 1265 Main Street? I can’t wait to hear….

For more information on this or about the real estate market in Weston, Wellesley, Wayland and the surrounding towns, please contact me, Lisa Curlett (781-267-2844 or, to answer any questions or for a complimentary home appraisal.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Weston, MA

Are you familiar with US Weekly Magazine’s “25 Things You Don’t Know about Me,” which features celebrities getting personal and sharing some lesser known facts about themselves?  As I was reading last week’s segment on Madeleine Stowe, I thought it would be such a great idea to bring this same concept to Weston, MA….  I’m starting with just 10, and then I’ll continue with more fascinating fun facts over time….

So without further ado, here are 10 Things You Might Not Know About Weston, MA:

1. Weston is celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2013.  According to Wikipedia, “The Town of Weston was originally established as the West Precinct of Watertown in 1698, and the town was separately incorporated as the town of Weston in 1713.”  Planning for the big celebration is just getting underway, and if you’re interested, you can request to be part of the Weston 300 Group on Facebook or email the group at

2. Weston has more than 2,000 acres of conservation land.  The Weston Forest & Trail Association owns 186 acres, and there are approximately 100 miles of trails.  Known for its rural feel, open space, trails, meadows and woods, Weston is conveniently located a mere 12* miles from Boston – it’s the best of both worlds.

3. Weston has two reservoirs: First, the Weston Reservoir, located off of Ash Street, is part of the greater Boston’s water supply and maintained by the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority).  This is a popular spot for residents and visitors to walk their dogs, enjoy for exercise and simply just appreciate the beauty of it.  Second, the Norumbega Reservoir, located off of Glen Road and Oak Street, is a 125 million gallon water storage tank now used to hold water.  This reservoir was opened to the public a few years ago for recreational use.

4. Weston has a government comprised of the following – an Open Town Meeting, Board of Selectmen and Town Manager.  As delineated on the town’s website, “The Town Meeting is the legislative body and must approve all spending, changes in the Town By-laws and Zoning By-laws.  It is conducted by the elected Town Moderator.  Any citizen of Weston who is a registered voter may participate in Town Meeting.”

5. Weston just approved an override for a new Field School, the elementary school housing grades 4 and 5.  The new school is scheduled to open in September 2014.  Weston is also in the midst of constructing a new science wing for its high school, which is expected to open for the 2012-2013 school year.

6. Weston was Ranked #1 Best Public High School by Boston Magazine in 2010 and 2009.

7. Weston has a Recreation Department, which provides wonderful programs, classes and activities for all ages.  Here is the Spring/Summer 2012 Brochure so you can get a glimpse of what Weston Recreation is all about. In addition to the approximately 500 programs offered over the course of the year to more than 7,500 participants, the Recreation Department also manages Memorial Pool and coordinates the Concerts on the Town Green during the summer on Wednesday evenings.  The concerts are a great way for the entire family to have fun together, enjoy the music, dance, picnic and more.

8. Weston is and has been the home to many well-known figures, including David Ortiz, Jerry Remy, Bobby Orr, Jim Pallotta and Steve Pagliuca.

9. Weston is a somewhat dry town.  From 1838 to 2008, Weston was a dry town, but in 2008, the town voted that Omni Foods could sell wine in its supermarket.  The sale of beer and hard liquor are still prohibited, however.

10. Weston was briefly considered, in 1967, as a site for a stadium for the professional football team then known as the Boston Patriots.  As most of us know, the stadium was ultimately built in Foxborough, MA, and today it is known as Gillette Stadium.

These are just some of the fun facts about Weston, MA.  There are many more to come…so stay tuned.  But in the meantime, do you have any special Weston facts that you’d like to share? I can’t wait to hear….

* This mileage distance is per the town’s website found under the “About Weston” section. I have also seen other sources saying the distance between Weston and Boston is 15 miles.

Birthday Cake Fun in the ‘Burbs

There’s almost nothing better than a birthday party….  To me, the only thing that beats celebrating a new year of life is eating yummy, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth birthday cake….  And so in this vein, here are a few of my thoughts on where to go for birthday cake fun in the ‘burbs:

  • Party Favors, Brookline, MA – this was my first introduction to birthday cake fun in the ‘burbs (pictured right).  When I first moved to Weston, I learned about Party Favors, and once I sampled the icing, I was a convert.  I would venture to Coolidge Corner – a 20-25 minute drive from Weston – to pick up the cakes and not give it a second’s thought.  But now as life gets more and more busy with each passing minute, I tend to order cakes a bit more locally.
  • Ben & Jerry’s, Natick, MA – ice cream cakes are always a great way to celebrate a birthday, and we all know the fabulous taste and quality of Ben & Jerry’s.  Choose from such favorites as “Groovy Tie-Dye,” “Sweet Cream and Cookies,” and “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” or design your own custom cake.
  • The Cheescake Factory, Natick and Chestnut Hill, MA – my favorite cake is carrot cake, and The Cheesecake Factory has the best carrot cake ever (pictured right).  Once my Mom was visiting from Baltimore, and ordered a Cheesecake Factory Carrot Cake for my birthday.  I was ecstatic until I saw that the calorie count for one piece was more than 1,500 calories – I think that’s almost a full day of calories??!!  Ouch.  Now I try to eat this carrot cake a bit more sparingly.
  • The Icing on the Cake, Newton, MA – the decorations and graphics on these cakes are over the top.  I have never seen such creative designs, which can be as custom as you’d like.  You may remember that we ordered a ginger bread house from Icing on the Cake over the holidays.  The kids decorated it with icing, candy and little cookies which came with the house, and they had so much fun.  This will definitely be a tradition for us from now on…..
  • Quebrada Baking Company, Wellesley, MA – conveniently located off of Route 9 in Wellesley Hills, the cakes here are always delicious and worth the stop.  Cake options vary from Layer Cakes and Tortes to Boston Cream Pies and Fresh Strawberry Cakes.
  • Susu Bakery, Wellesley, MA – There are several kinds of cakes from which to choose – Chocolate, Buttermilk, Carrot and Coconut – as well as many offerings for fillings and icings, including raspberry buttercream, lemon curd, cream cheese and mocha.  A few years ago, a friend’s daughter and her fiance designed their own engagement cake at Susu’s.  How special….

Then there are many supermarkets in the area that offer delicious cakes, which can often be less expensive.  Some of the supermarkets that I frequent in the area for yummy cakes are Omni Foods Supermarkets in Weston, Roche Brothers in Wellesley, Whole Foods in Wellesley and Shaw’s in Newton.  And there is always Costco in Waltham, which has adorable, large sheet cakes that are perfect for big parties.

But maybe the best birthday cakes of all are the ones that Elaine, Susan and Betsy of Pinnacle Residential Properties make for us on our birthdays.  In fact, the irony of this is that in googling*, “birthday cakes, wellesley ma,” guess what was in the #1 spot?  Believe it or not, it was Pinnacle Residential Properties…. The coconut and chocolate cakes – not to mention the accompanying flavors of ice cream – that our fearless leader (Elaine) and talented colleagues (Susan and Betsy) make are second to none.  We all feel very lucky to be part of the Pinnacle family, especially on our birthdays….

But these are just my thoughts, and I am curious to get yours. Where do you go for birthday cake fun in the ‘burbs?  I can’t wait to hear….

* When I googled this last night, January 21, 2012, Pinnacle was in the top spot.  But in googling this tonight, January 22, 2012, it doesn’t appear in the first spot.  I guess that’s the Internet – queries can change on a dime….

Supermarket Fun in the Burbs

One of the questions that my buyer clients, who are new to the area, consistently ask me is, “What is the closest supermarket to my new house?”  And the next question typically is, “Which supermarket do you use most?”  So I thought it would be fun to dish on a variety* of the supermarkets in Weston, Wellesley and the surrounding towns:


  • Omni Foods Supermarket, 21 Center Street, (781) 894-0675 – located in Weston’s town center, I use this when I am right in the vicinity and need a few things.  It is a bit more costly than the Shaw’s/Star Market in Auburndale that I frequent (see comments below), and the selection of foods is not as extensive.


  • Fells Market, 326 Weston Road, (781) 235-1555 – my friend, M.A., who lives in Wellesley raves about this “neighborhood store that has all the basics, plus amazing steak tips, marinated chicken breasts, and bread so fresh you should buy two loaves – one to eat on the way home and another one for dinner. Locally owned and an amazing community asset for those on the Weston Road side of town.”
  • Roche Brothers, 184 Linden Street, (781) 237-2115 – this supermarket is fabulous, fresh and fun, and it has absolutely everything.  For me, though, the parking can be difficult, and it’s quite social – which can be challenging when time is of the essence, and this is usually the case for me.
  • Whole Food s Market, 278 Washington Street, (781) 235-7262 – the tag line for Whole Foods is “Selling the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products,” and that really says it all.  This particular location is smaller than the Wayland Whole Foods (see below), but the produce is awesome, and besides being natural and organic, the food is quite gourmet too.  It’s also more pricey than many of the other supermarkets. (Note that this Whole Foods will soon be relocating to a brand new building at 442 Washington Street, which ironically was once the home of the Wellesley Star Market that is no longer.)


  • Donelan’s Supermarket, 177 Commonwealth Road, (508) 653-5881 – this is a family-run market that is conveniently located right off of Route 30.  It was updated in the last several years and has a nice, manageable feel to it.
  • Whole Foods Market, 317 Boston Post Rd, (508) 358-7700 – If you are looking for a Whole Foods with an extensive selection of foods, this is it.


  • Costco, 71 Second Avenue, (781) 622-3883 – need I say more….  It’s Costco, and it’s great to have one so close.  Of note, Home Depot is just a hop, skip and a jump away, so you can hit both at the same time if need be.
  • Hannaford Supermarket, 55 Russell Street, (781) 893-6776 – every time I go here, I love it, but it’s just a bit further from my house, and so I don’t often make it there.  The variety and array of foods and produce is fabulous.
  • Shaw’s, 130 River Street, (781) 647-5341 – this is on the Watertown side of Waltham, so it’s a longer trip for me, which I don’t often take, but it’s a large Shaw’s so it’s also got a nice selection of items.


  • Shaw’s/Star Market, 2040 Commonwealth Avenue, (617) 965-1793 – the reason that this one is on the list is because this is the supermarket that I go to 95% of the time.  It’s about 5 minutes from my house, and getting in and out of the supermarket is logistics-free for me, i.e., easy parking, not social so you can get the job done quickly, plus I know where everything is so that helps cut down on time too.  The prices are also quite reasonable.  On the downside, the produce is not great.


  • Roche Brothers, 377 Chestnut Street, (781) 444-0411 – I haven’t been to this Roche Brothers in years, but it’s nice to know there is another one if you happen to be in Needham area.
  • Sudbury Farms, 1177 Highland Avenue, (781) 449-9180 – Sudbury Farms is part of the Roche Brothers umbrella.  And similar to my comment above, I haven’t been here in years, but I have always liked it when I have shopped there.
  • Trader Joe’s, 958 Highland Ave, (781) 449-6993 – this is another “need I say more.”  For those who love Trader Joe’s, there’s one right in Needham Heights.


  • Roche Brothers, MA Route 135, 150 West Central Street, (508) 655-5540 – See my comments above about the Needham Roche Brothers.
  • Super Stop & Shop, 829 Worcester Street, (508) 650-4050 – located right on Route 9 (and Route 27), I shop at this market because it has a “super” selection of foods.  When I can’t find something at Shaw’s/Star Market in Auburndale, Super Stop & Shop in Natick seems to have it.


  • Donelan’s Supermarket, Lincoln Station, (781) 259-259-0144 – this Donelan’s, which was completely renovated in 2009, is temporarily closed due to a roof collapse from this winter’s snow.

Which of these supermarkets do you prefer?  And what are your thoughts on them?  Do you have any to add to the list?  I can’t wait to hear….

* Note that I have not included every supermarket in the above towns.