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Your Favorite Sofa Material?
Not only is this question about understanding consumer preferences and trends, it's also admittedly a plea for help.... Over the years, I have always bought upholstered sofas - those you would find at Calico Corners, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, for example.  But now I have three cats (and a dog too) who claw, claw my couches to kingdom come, and I'm at my wit's end. It's not the hair I mind, it's the destruction of the couches. What can I do about this? Or maybe even better - what kind of couches can I buy that my cats won't destroy? Suede? Leather? Microfiber? Other materials? I have heard that[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett
Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace?
Outdoor entertaining space has become more and more popular over the years and for more and more months of the year. Especially in our chilly New England towns of Weston, Wellesley and Wayland, for example, it is now commonplace to convene outside into the late hours of the evening in front of an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. In fact, many of the higher-end, newly constructed homes feature the option of having an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Given all this, it begs the question - which outdoor fire choice would be your preference? Just for a brief background, a fire pit, as defined by Wikipedia, "can vary from a[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett
A Finished Lower Level or Third Floor?
A finished lower level or third floor - which is your preference? These days, many homeowners have finished areas beyond the traditional first and second floors of their home. And in our neck of the woods, most people and builders tend to finish the lower level rather than the third floor or attic space. That being said, some homes don't have basements. And older homes, for example, often have small basements with large areas of crawl space. On the other hand, some homes don't have much in the way of third floor or attic space and/or the roof line doesn't allow for third floor space to be finished. But if[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett
Buying a House with a Pool: Keep it or Fill it in?
To keep the pool or fill it in - that is the question? And I can't wait to hear from those of you who have faced this question - and ensuing decision - during the home-buying process. I've never been in this particular situation myself, and so I don't have my own personal experience from which to draw. And even as a real estate agent, I have seen buyers vacillate on the answer to this question, and it seems to depend mainly on these four practical considerations.... 1. The New England Weather - One of the first things that comes to mind in contemplating this question is our New England[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett
Your Favorite Household Big-Time Item?
This is another just for fun topic that is similar but different from Your Favorite Home Purchase. In that blog, we were talking about smaller items - flowers, candles, pillows and the like - that you purchased for your home. Now we're talking about the big kahuna - furniture, appliances, electronics, works of art, rugs - substantial items that add presence to your home. And these items may have been purchased, given as gifts or acquired some other way. So back to the question at hand - what is your favorite household big-time item? Is it a sofa, armchair, flat-screened television, dishwasher drawer, lighting fixture or piece of art? And[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett
What To Do With That Popcorn Ceiling?
This is a question I ask myself frequently.... My house in Weston, MA was built in 1972, and the bedrooms all have popcorn ceilings, defined by Wikipedia as "a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in residential construction. Cheaper than painting, it could be quickly and easily sprayed on in new construction...."  It is "also known as an acoustic ceiling...as it was the standard for bedroom and residential hallways ceilings for its noise reduction qualities." When we bought this house 10 years ago, there were popcorn ceilings in all of the bedrooms on the second floor and the family room on the first floor. Since[...]
By Admin : Lisa Curlett