Do You Celebrate Half-Birthdays?

Do you celebrate half-birthdays in your household?  We do in ours…but not for the adults, just for the kids.  When I was young, my parents did celebrate my half-birthday, but it was more of a lunch at McDonald’s type of thing.  That was about it.  So I’m not sure how the half-birthday celebrations have evolved into the fairly major celebrations that they have become.  No wait, actually I think I do know….I think it’s because of my Mom.  Mom, or Grammie as the kids call her, does not live locally, and so the half-birthday celebration became another way to indulge the kids. (And when I say this, I am not throwing stones because I freely admit that I too like to indulge my kids – after all, they’re only kids once.)

Anyway, now these have become celebrations in which the kids have cake, a special dinner, friends over occasionally, and get a few gifts.  Tonight we celebrated my son’s 5 1/2 birthday…..  We gave him presents – some hot wheels and a hot wheels track, his favorite kind of gum and Star Wars sticker decals – and then we culminated the celebration with an M&M ice cream cake.  This was fairly low key.  It’s a little different with my older two daughters.  They talk about their half-birthdays months before the actual day – what they might like for gifts, for a cake, for dinner, for special surprises – you would almost think it was their birthday….

The interesting thing is that I always thought your half-birthday was just six months after your birthday, but this is not always the case.  There is actually a half-birthday calculator so you know for sure.  Click here to calculate your half-birthday.  Surprisingly, my birthday is August 12, but my half-birthday was February 9 of this year and not February 12.  You learn something new every day.

So happy half-birthday to my son, Cort, and all of you others celebrating your half-birthdays this month….   Is this something you do in your household too?  I can’t wait to hear….