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Michelle L.


"Lisa brought a level of determination and commitment to the process that we needed to
find the right home. We wouldn't be owners of our home without her."

Sam S.


"Having to pack up and sell our family home of 45 years within a month's
time was a daunting task. Lisa was by my side throughout."

Linda T.


"Lisa's attention to detail and responsiveness go unmatched.
I whole heartedly recommend her for any home buying or selling need."

Patty S.


"We so appreciated the way in which Lisa obviously cared about
our well-being - and about selling our house too."

Eumene C.


"There is no comparison to the breadth and
depth with which Lisa understands the market."

Laura G.


"Lisa goes above and beyond the call of the average broker."

Heather S.


"The transition to a new town was truly enjoyable and rewarding;
not stressful like it can be, thanks to Lisa."

Jon H.

Do You Celebrate Half-Birthdays?

Do you celebrate half-birthdays in your household?  We do in ours…but not for the adults, just for the kids.  When I was young, my parents did celebrate my half-birthday, but it was more of a lunch at McDonald’s type of thing.  That was about it.  So I’m not sure how the half-birthday celebrations have evolved into the fairly major celebrations that they have become.  No wait, actually I think I do know….I think it’s because of my Mom.  Mom, or Grammie as the kids call her, does not live locally, and so the half-birthday celebration became another way to indulge the kids. (And when I say this, I am not throwing stones because I freely admit that I too like to indulge my kids – after all, they’re only kids once.)

Anyway, now these have become celebrations in which the kids have cake, a special dinner, friends over occasionally, and get a few gifts.  Tonight we celebrated my son’s 5 1/2 birthday…..  We gave him presents – some hot wheels and a hot wheels track, his favorite kind of gum and Star Wars sticker decals – and then we culminated the celebration with an M&M ice cream cake.  This was fairly low key.  It’s a little different with my older two daughters.  They talk about their half-birthdays months before the actual day – what they might like for gifts, for a cake, for dinner, for special surprises – you would almost think it was their birthday….

The interesting thing is that I always thought your half-birthday was just six months after your birthday, but this is not always the case.  There is actually a half-birthday calculator so you know for sure.  Click here to calculate your half-birthday.  Surprisingly, my birthday is August 12, but my half-birthday was February 9 of this year and not February 12.  You learn something new every day.

So happy half-birthday to my son, Cort, and all of you others celebrating your half-birthdays this month….   Is this something you do in your household too?  I can’t wait to hear….